Replace Your Card

Lost, Stolen or Replacement Cards

FIRST, report your ECU 1 Card lost or stolen

  • Visit the GET site or the GET mobile app.
  • During regular business hours, call the ECU 1 Card Office 252-328-2673.
  • After hours, call the ECU Police Department at 252-328-6787.


Follow these steps to get a replacement card:

  1. APPLY for your 1 Card online using our simple application.
  2. WATCH for an email with the link to pay for your 1 Card (if applicable) or the link to UPLOAD your photo using the MyPhoto app and follow directions to upload your 1 Card photo against a solid white background.
  3. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT to PICK UP YOUR CARD when you receive an email that your card is ready.

Issuance of the ECU 1 Card requires the card holder to accept the Terms & Conditions.


Permanent Replacement

Replacement card fee is $20


*** You will pay for your card when you apply online. You can opt to have your card mailed to your home address for a $1 fee. ***


Damaged Cards

You are responsible for your ECU 1 Card. Please be careful not to damage the card by puncturing it, placing stickers or tape on it, allowing it to get wet, or exposing it to excessive heat. Each card contains a security chip which allows it to provide a variety of functions. Damaging the card may make it malfunction, and it will need to be replaced at a cost of $20.


Kronos Issues

If you find you are missing punches on your timecard, before replacing your 1 Card, be certain you are swiping the card correctly.  There are two stripes on the new cards. The lower stripe says “For University Use.”  This is the stripe that must be used when swiping at a Kronos time clock.