Bookstore – Spending Account

What is a Bookstore Account? A “Bookstore Account” is one of the spending accounts that can be set up to work with the ECU 1 Card.  Once funds are deferred from financial aid or scholarship, it is used like a debit or declining balance account. You can view each account balance on the GET site or GET mobile app. See below for how to request a bookstore deferral.

This account may be used to purchase course materials, books, supplies and goods at ECU Dowdy Student Stores including the Main Campus Student Center store and the Health Sciences Student Center store.

Please note: When ordering online through the ECU Dowdy Student Stores website, enter your Banner id number replacing the B with an 8.

Request a bookstore deferral:  You may request a bookstore deferral by visiting .

For questions about the deferral process, please contact the Cashier’s Office at 252-328-6886 located in the Old Cafeteria Complex.


Bounty Bucks can be used for purchases in ECU Dowdy Student Stores as well and can be deposited through the GET site or GET mobile app.


For questions about bookstore purchases or transactions, please contact:

ECU Dowdy Student Stores